The Islamic Human Rights Commission was set up in 1997. We are an independent, not-for-profit, campaign, research and advocacy organization based in London, UK. We foster links and work in partnership with different organizations from Muslim and non-Muslim backgrounds, to campaign for justice for all peoples regardless of their racial, confessional or political background.

This online donation service is provided through the Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust (A charity registered in the UK number 1106120) and as such any money you donate or any profit made from sales of merchandise will go towards those aspects of IHRC’s work that are purely charitable under English charities laws. For more information on what type of work this is, please visit:

Central Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust No. 1106120)

If you would like to donate to IHRC’s other work please send your donation by clicking the button below or by sending your generous contribution to: IHRC, PO Box 598, Wembley, HA9 7XH, United Kingdom.


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