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Welcome to the Zakah Payment Page at IHRC.

We will use your Zakat in line with the guidance of our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) to offer peace, purity and growth as we continue to strive for a more equal and just society.

Why should you give part of your Zakat to IHRC Trust?

Please help IHRC as we produce essential reports with statistics on hate crimes suffered by Muslims across the world. Today, Muslims are the targets of verbal and physical attacks - with your help we can highlight these crimes and fight for justice together.

Would you like to read more on IHRC's Hate Crime Project? Please click here.

We are so appreciative of your kind generosity - may Allah SWT bless you and may you have a successful and rewarding Ramadan. Jazakallah.


This online donation service is provided through the Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust ( a charity registered in the UK number 1106120 ) and as such any zakah you pay will go towards those aspects of IHRC's work that are purely charitable under English charities laws. For more information on what type of work this is, please visit:

Central Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust No. 1106120)

If you would like to donate to IHRC's other work please send your donation to: IHRC, PO Box 598 , Wembley , HA9 7XH , United Kingdom.