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1 Alert: Germany / Turkey – Human rights organisation refused visa to Germany to investigate hate crimes
2 Update Alert: Malaysia – Mat Sah's detention under the ISA continues
3 Forwarded Alert: Yemen - Authorities urged to think twice after freelance journalist given six-year sentence
4 Alert Update: Saudi Arabia - Trial continues for Sri Lankan girl on death penalty
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6 Alert Update: Hicham Yezza's deportation cancelled, immigration case to be reviewed
7 URGENT ALERT UPDATE: NIGERIA – 113 Sokoto detainees each sentenced 11 years
8 Alert: Former Nottingham University Student to Be Deported to Algeria This Sunday
9 Alert: Libya – Refugee Dies in Detention in Misratah
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11 UPDATE ALERT: SUDAN – Correction in Name of Justice Minister / Attorney General
12 URGENT ALERT: SUDAN – Members of Popular Congress Implicated in Recent Rebel Attack on Omdurman
13 Forwarded Alert: UK - Aamer Anwar case - judgement awaited
14 ALERT: BAHRAIN – Youths referred to court after being subjected to torture
15 Alert Update: Al-Jazeerah camerman Sami Al Haj released from Guantanamo Bay
16 Forwarded Alert: BAHRAIN - Four Youths Tortured into Confessing to Attack on Security Vehicles
17 BOYCOTT ZIONISM: Stop supporting Israeli Apartheid
18 EVENT: London , UK - Human Rights and Israel at 60, Conference, May 4, 2008 11am - 6pm, Free admission
19 Alert: Kuwait - Arrest, forced-psychiatric detention of Kuwaiti academic following protest preparations
20 URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Detained Human Rights Activists Continue to be Ill-treated
21 URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Medical Report Asserts Torture of Human Rights Activists
22 Alert Update: Iraq - US Military Release AP Photographer Bilal Hussein
23 Alert: Western Sahara – Arrest and Torture of Young Sahrawi Protestors in El-Ayoune
24 Urgent Alert: Khairat Al-Shater Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison
25 Alert Update: Muslim Brotherhood in Trial Tomorrow
26 EVENT: Human Rights and Israel at 60: A look at the conflicting paths of two contemporaneous projects
27 Alert: Another Yemeni Disappears After Arrest
29 Alert: New TV programme produced by IHRC looking at current human rights issues @
30 Alert: Activities of IHRC at the 7th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (Geneva)
31 URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Human Rights Activists Collapse After Hunger Strike
32 Alert Update: Verdict Delayed in Muslim Brotherhood Trial Session
33 Alert Update: Slovakia - Court Decides to Suspend Extradition of Mustapha Labsi to Algeria
34 URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Detained Human Rights Activists To Appear in Court on Monday
35 Forwarded Alert: Farid Hilali Suffering in Spain 10th March 2008
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37 Alert Update: Nigeria – 16 of the 127 Detainees Have Been Released in Sokoto
38 Alert Update: Prisoners of Faith Campaign (Egypt) – Muslim Brotherhood Trial Verdict Expected Soon
39 Alert Update: Prisoners of Faith Campaign (Egypt) – Muslim Brotherhood Trial Verdict Expected This Week
40 What's New at
41 URGENT ALERT: Slovakia - Supreme Court Decision for the Extradition Mustapha Labsi to Algeria
42 Forwarded Alert: World Chechnya Day
43 URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Human Rights Activists Detained and Ill-treated
44 Forwarded Alert: Farid Hilali Wrongfully Extradited
45 Alert Update: Prisoners of Faith Campaign (Egypt) – Muslim Brotherhood: Khairat Al-Shater
46 Campaign Update: Prisoners of Faith (USA): Imam Jamil Al-Amin – Request for Transfer
47 Alert: New Material on Hijab Bans in Europe available on-line @
48 UK Event: IHRC Conference - Human Rights and Israel at 60: A look at the conflicting paths of two contemporaneous projects
49 Alert Update: King Pardons Saudi Gang Rape Victim
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51 What's New at
52 Forwarded alert: Imam Anwar Al Awlaki Released From Custody
53 URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Government brutally cracks down on protestors
54 Alert: Detained AP Photographer has his First Hearing in Iraqi Court
55 Alert: Updated Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack: Imam Jamil Al-Amin – Under 23-hour Lockdown
56 Alert Update: Book Uploaded: \'Afzal Petition: A Quest for Justice\'
57 What's New at
59 Alert: Saudi Gang Rape Victim Facing Miscarriage of Justice
60 Forwarded Alert: Let Khaled Study - lobby your MP to sign EDM 2099
61 Alert: Human Rights Website Censored in Bahrain
62 Alert Update: Libya: Some Detained Eritrean Refugees Have Been Freed
63 Alert Update: Prolonged Violence and Detention of Shia minority in Nigeria
64 Event Alert: Invitation to the Islamic Human Rights Commission's 1O Year Anniversary!
65 Forwarded Alert: Act Now: Protest Against The Racist Science of Dr. James Watson
66 Alert: Sri Lankan Teenager Facing Miscarriage of Justice in Saudi Arabia
67 Alert: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman Postcards Now Available Online for Order
68 Alert: Briton Detained and Tortured in Iraq
69 Alert: Updated Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack: Sami Muhyideen Al Hajj – Al Jazeera Cameraman Close to Death
70 Alert: Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack: US – Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman
71 Alert: Nigerian security forces crackdown on Islamic Movement in Sokoto
72 Action Alert: Sign Petition Calling for Reform of Australia\'s Migration Act
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74 What's New at
75 Alert: Malaysia ISA Campaign Pack – Mat Sah Satray
76 Alert Update: Libya: All Ethiopian and Somali Refugees Deported
77 Alert: Eritrean Refugees in Libya Facing Torture / Forcible Return to Their Homeland
78 What's New at
79 What's New at
80 Forwarded Alert: From Palestine Internationalist
81 Forwarded Alert from Free Babar Ahmad Campaign
82 Forwarded Alert: Murder of British Tourists in India
83 Alert: Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack: Khairat Al-Shater - Muslim Brotherhood
84 What's New at
85 Part-time Vacancy at the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC)
86 Forwarded Alert: Request your MP to sign EDM to Save Afzal Guru
87 Event Alert:Invitation to Seminar on Institutional Bias against Minorities and Islamophobia in Britain , 12 June London
88 What's New at
89 No.10 u-turn over offensive petition
90 Forwarded Alert from the 1990 Trust: The British Government must apologise
91 Alert Update: Urgent Action Required to Save Afzal Guru
92 Alert: Nasheed Artist Rachid Ghoulam on Hunger Strike following Arrest
93 CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Release of Jerome Kwame Hibell - British National Detained in Syria
94 What's New at
95 Support Dr Sami Al-Arian: Political Prisoner of the USA
96 Forwarded Alert: Latest issue of Palestine Internationalist ( on-line now.
97 Alert: Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack: USA / Imam Jamil Abdullah Al Amin
98 Forwarded Alert: Jerome Hibell - British National Detained in Syria
99 What's New at
100 German intellectuals: Israel\'s creation made Palestinians victims of Holocaust

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