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Alert: Libya – Refugee Dies in Detention in Misratah

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IHRC has received reports that a refugee detained at Misratah detention facility in Libya has died due to negligence by the Libyan authorities.

What\'s New at

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In this \'What\'s New\' a series of Alerts outlining recent human rights issues in Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Slovakia. We also have an alert update on Al-Jazeerah cameraman in Guantanamo Bay and the new TV program by IHRC.

UPDATE ALERT: SUDAN – Correction in Name of Justice Minister / Attorney General

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Please note the correction for sending letters of appeal about implicating Popular Congress party members in Omdurman rebel attack.

URGENT ALERT: SUDAN – Members of Popular Congress Implicated in Recent Rebel Attack on Omdurman

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Popular Congress leader Dr Hasan Al-Turabi and several party members implicated to be involved with Jem forces in the bloodshed in Omdurman.

Forwarded Alert: UK - Aamer Anwar case - judgement awaited

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It now seems that a judgement won\'t be given in the Aamer Anwar contempt case until June

ALERT: BAHRAIN – Youths referred to court after being subjected to torture

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Ten youths from village of Saar arrested and tortured following peacfeul demonstration

Alert Update: Al-Jazeerah camerman Sami Al Haj released from Guantanamo Bay

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Prisoner of Faith Sami Al Haj was released today and returns to his home in Sudan.

Forwarded Alert: BAHRAIN - Four Youths Tortured into Confessing to Attack on Security Vehicles

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Four youths arrested and tortured severely so that they confess to charges of riots, attacking officers and damaging security vehicles.

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