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1 Eid Mubarak from IHRC
2 URGENT ALERT: Nigeria - Demand Zakzaky's release
3 ALERT: Racist attacks on Al Quds Day 2017
4 ALERT: Al Quds Day to take place on 18 June
5 IHRC Guidance for Al Quds Day 2017
6 Eid Packs for Prisoners 2017
7 UPDATED ALERT: Security advice for community centres and individuals
8 UPDATED ALERT: Security advice for community centres and individuals
9 UPDATED ALERT: Security advice for community centres and individuals
10 URGENT ALERT: Nigeria - Emergency vigil to free Zakzaky
11 Nigeria - Demand Zakzaky's immediate release
12 URGENT ALERT: Myanmar – Demand Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize is rescinded
13 UPDATE ALERT: Zakzaky not moved, international campaign instrumental
14 URGENT ALERT: Vigil outside Nigerian High Commission in London called for 10pm - 11.30pm tonight (10 December)
15 NIGERIA: Rolling updates on 12 October 2016
16 URGENT ALERT: Nigeria – Demand release of hundreds detained by authorities
17 URGENT ALERT: Nigeria – Demand Zakzaky and Mallima Zeenah get access to doctors immediately
18 Eid Mubarak!
19 URGENT ALERT: Nigeria - Demand withdrawal of military forces from Potiskum
20 IHRC Success Stories: Legal & Advocacy
21 URGENT ALERT: Nigeria - Demand the release of Zakzaky
22 ALERT: Report post-Brexit hate crime
23 Boycott Israeli Dates
24 Eid Packs for Prisoners 2016
25 URGENT ALERT: Nigeria - Stop impending violence in Katsina
26 URGENT ALERT: Nigeria - Demand the release of all political prisoners; raise funds for the victims of army atrocities
27 Implementation of PREVENT policy in schools
28 URGENT ALERT: Worldwide / Nigeria - Contact the Commonwealth and African Union and demand immediate intervention in Zakzaky case
29 URGENT ALERT: NIGERIA - Demand proof of life of el-Zakzaky and other detainees
30 URGENT ALERT: Evidence of mass graves; call for Nigeria to be suspended from Commonwealth and Afrcian Union
31 NIGERIA: Demand immediate access to medical attention and release for Zakzaky and other detainees
32 IHRC launches investigation into Hajj tragedy
33 Remembering Bosnia: Resources
34 Alert: USA - Message from one of the Holy Land 5
35 Eid Packs for Prisoners 2015
36 Exclusive Limited Edition Prints
37 Alert: Support the Yemeni People
38 What's new at IHRC
39 In Memory of Sayed Mahmoud Mousavi
40 In Memory of Ghulam Abbas Sajan
41 Watch IHRC and others challenge Schedule 7 at the Supreme Court
42 What's new at IHRC
43 What's new at IHRC
44 What's new at IHRC
45 What's new at IHRC
46 Eid al-Adha Mubarak!
47 What's new at IHRC
48 What's new at IHRC
49 What's new at IHRC
50 What's new at IHRC
51 Urgent Alert: SAUDI ARABIA - Protest death sentences and detentions
52 What's New at
53 Alert: USA – Imam Jamil transferred to receive medical care
54 What's new at IHRC
55 Alert: Demonstrate against ground invasion of Gaza
56 Five reasons why Washington must answer for Israeli atrocities
57 Alert: USA – Appeal for Imam Jamil's Immediate Medical Attention due to Life Threatening Health Condition
58 What's new at IHRC
59 What's new at IHRC
60 Watch 'Zone of Nonbeing: Guantanamo' on PressTV
61 USA - Charges dismissed against Dr Sami Al-Arian
62 What's new at IHRC
63 Action Alert: Sri Lanka – Protest against government's tacit support of anti-Muslim extremists
64 Event Alert: Al Quds Day 2014
65 Eid Packs for Prisoners
66 What's new at IHRC
67 What's new at IHRC
68 What's new at IHRC
69 What's new at IHRC
70 Event Alert: Protest at the G4S Annual General Meeting
71 What's new at IHRC
72 What's new at IHRC
73 What's new at IHRC
74 Alert: UJN delegation visiting Malaysia and Indonesia
75 What's new at IHRC
76 What's new at IHRC
77 Action Alert : Appeal against British Government’s decision to order an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood
78 Action Alert: Bangladesh – Commute the death sentence for Jamaat Leader Sayeedi
79 World Autism Day
80 Action Alert: Bangladesh – Commute the death sentence for Jamaat Leader
81 What's new at IHRC
82 Action alert: Malaysia - Demand the State of Perak to stop the mistreatment of fellow Muslims
84 Know Your Rights Workshops
85 IHRC Legal
86 Action Alert: Urge Bulgarian Government to Curb Islamophobic Groups Attacking Mosques
87 Action Alert: Bangladesh – Demand a stop to Bangladeshi government’s abusive measures to curb opposition
88 Action Alert: 14 February Uprising leaders – Sentenced for Supporting Bahraini Revolt.
89 UK EVENT: Join us for our gala fundraiser
90 Action Alert: Demand the Bangladeshi government to explain the truth behind the Dhaka Massacre Reports
91 UK - IHRC participates in food distribution initiative
92 Q&A with Panel on ‘Zone of Non-Being: Guantanamo’
93 USA - Lynne Stewart released!
94 What’s new at
95 Decolonising Education Pack – Back in Stock
96 Watch live and join the discussion TONIGHT – Professor Ramon Grosfoguel
97 Alert: Myanmar / UN - Appeal against choice of Myanmar leader Suu Kyi to head anti-discrimination campaign
98 What’s new at
99 World Aids Day 2013
100 Forwarded Alert: Decoloniality Europe

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