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1 Letter to Mayor of London regarding his Al Quds Day stance
2 Nigeria Digest #5
3 The Rohingya: Collecting Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity
4 Nigeria Digest # 4
5 Five things to do and know: The Rohingya
6 Nigeria Digest # 3
7 Myanmar Resources
8 Nigeria Digest # 2
9 Letter to the African Union regarding the Islamic Movement of Nigeria
10 Nigeria Digest # 1
11 Letter from Mayor of London re: Al Quds Day 2017
12 Letter to Mayor of London regarding Al Quds Day apology
13 Letter to CSU President regarding cancellation of the Edward Said Professorship
14 Letter to Mayor of London regarding Al Quds Day
15 A Letter to President Buhari on Sheikh Zakzaky's deteriorating health
16 Letter to Prime Minister concerning upcoming trip to Bahrain
17 A Letter demanding intervention in Nigeria from the Commonwealth Secretariat
18 A Letter to Turkey's President on the closure of Kudus TV
19 A Letter to President Buhari regarding the Arbaeen processions
20 Kashmir Resources
21 Sell-Off - The abolition of your NHS
22 Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan concerning the Fourth Schedule of ATA
23 PREVENT Resource Pack for Parents
24 Letter to Prime Minister concerning support of Saudi Arabia's human rights abuses
25 A Letter to Matthew Offord concerning his quote in
26 NIGERIA: Open letter to Buhari on possible Quds Day 2016 attacks
27 A Letter to the UN Secretary General concerning Saudi Arabia
28 Letter to Rachel Tuffin regarding antisemitism
29 Letter to MPS re: 'antisemitism as defined in the Hate Crime Operational Guidance'
30 A letter to the OHCHR regarding Sheikh Nimr's death sentence
31 A letter to the President of Nigeria concerning sectarian violence
32 A letter to the OHCHR regarding Sheikh Nimr
33 Open letter to Palestine Solidarity Campaign and their response
34 A letter regarding the invitation to Abdel Fatah al-Sisi
35 A letter to the UN concerning the situation in Yemen
36 Letter to MPS over Commander Chisty comments
37 A letter to the Nigerian High Commissioner regarding the treatment of the Islamic Movement
38 A letter to the UN Secretary General regarding Mohamed Morsi's death sentence
39 A letter to the opposition regarding the counter-terror proposals
40 A letter regarding Sheikh NimrBaqir al-Nimr's execution
41 Prevent Guidance for Scotland and Respect for Anti-war Campaigning
42 A letter to Nick Clegg regarding the government's proposed new plans to 'combat Islamic extremism'
43 Complaint about anti-Palestinian homework
44 A letter to Eric Pickles and the Department for Local Communities and Government
45 The Saudi Struggle
46 Palestine: Fly A Flag
47 Delegation investigating sectarianism in Malaysia and Indonesia
48 Mustadafin Foundation
49 Remembrance Day and Poppies
50 Australia Campaign page
51 UJN Pakistan Unity Declaration 1434
52 Holy Land Foundation 5 Campaign
53 Free Talha Ahsan
54 Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign
55 Aafia Siddiqui Campaign
56 Gujarat Massacres
57 Lynne Stewart Campaign
58 Bangladesh Campaign Resources
59 Eid Packs for Prisoners
60 Egypt coup resources
61 Know Your Rights: Schedule 7
62 What to do if you see someone being stopped (Immigration checks)
63 Write to US Prisoners this Ramadan
64 Vigils for Palestinian Prisoners
65 Sampang Crisis
66 IHRC distributes gifts to Muslim Prisoners this Eid
67 IHRC helps pupil with access to prayer facilities in school
68 IHRC defends Muslims in Myanmar
69 Drums Beat for Another War in the Middle East!
70 Oppose Full Body Scanners at UK airports
71 Syria Resources
72 Kampanya Bildirisi: 15 Yasinda ki Manchester United Tarafatari Bahreyn guvenlik gucleri olduruldu
73 Bahrain Campaign Resources
74 وفد المنظمة الإسلامية لحقوق الإنسان يلتقي مع الحكومة التركية
75 IHRC Heyeti Israilin OECD Uyeligine Karsi Lobi Yapmak Icin Türkiye'ye Gidiyor
76 IHRC Delegation to Lobby Turkish Government
77 PERHATIAN SEGERA [Malay Translation]:Palestine – Write to the Turkish PM over Israel OECD
78 تنبيه عاجل: فلسطين – أكتب إلى رئيس الوزراء التركي ليصوت ضد دخول إسرائيل إلى منظمة التعاون الإقتصادي
79 Palestine - Continuously updated information on Gaza demonstrations and vigils worldwide
80 The 33 Day War, Summer 2006
81 Campaigns in Bahrain
82 Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack: USA - Imam Jamil Al-Amin – Under 23-hour Lockdown
83 Prisoner of Faith Campaign Pack: Sami Muhyideen Al Hajj – Al Jazeera Cameraman Close to Death
84 Prisoner of Faith Campaign Pack: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, USA
85 Malaysia ISA Campaign Pack: Mat Sah bin Mohammed Satray Released on Septemper 15 2009
86 Prisoner of Faith Pack: Khairat Al-Shater, Egypt
87 Prisoner of Faith: USA - Imam Jamil Al-Amin
88 Prisoner of Faith Pack: Sami Muhyideen Al Hajj
89 The Morocco 12
90 Campaign Update: New Contact Details to Appeal for Passport for Moroccan Detainee, Farid Hilali
91 Call for Ceasefire, and Call to British Government for Evenhandedness
92 CHARTER 3:103: A Call for Muslim Unity
93 CHARTER 3:103: Make a Stand Against Sectarianism in Iraq
94 Prisoner of Faith Campaign Letter: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, USA
95 Campaign Letter: Protest Regarding the Detention of Nadir Remli
96 Campaign Letter: Letter Protesting French Hijab Ban
97 Campaign Letter: Protest Regarding the British Guantanamo Detainees
98 Campaign Letter:Protest Regarding the British Guantanamo Detainees
99 Prisoner of Faith Campaign Letter: Protest Regarding Detention of Ali Belhadj
100 Campaign Letter: Protest Regarding Extradition Request for Babar Ahmed

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