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Aafia Siddiqui Campaign

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Don't forget this notorious case of US injustice

Gujarat Massacres

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narendra_modi_article_imgFind out more information about the Gujarat, India massacres which took place in 2002.

Lynne Stewart Campaign

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Lynne has been released on 31 December 2013.  Well done to all campaigners.

Bangladesh Campaign Resources

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Follow the latest campaign actions and information on the political trials.

Myanmar Resources

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A collection of resources and links from IHRC in relation to the events taking place in Myanmar.

Eid Packs for Prisoners

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Send a pack to a prisoner this Eid

Egypt coup resources

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A compilation of resources and links from IHRC in relation to the atrocities happening in Egypt.

Know Your Rights: Schedule 7

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KYR_Schedule_7_2013_2A quick guide to your rights if you are stopped for questioning at any UK port.

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Don't be a Silent Victim

silent-victimHave you been verbally abused, harassed, discriminated against or even violently attacked because you are Muslim? Have you been mistreated by the police or security services or a victim of anti-terror laws? Click here to report your incident to us in confidence and, if you wish, anonymously.