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PRESS RELEASE - NIGERIA: Govt rebuked for contempt of court in Ibrahim el-Zakzaky case

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Nigerian-flagThe move came as judges sat to hear a government appeal against a court order made over a year ago that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife be released.

PRESS RELEASE - NIGERIA: Govt begins legal attempt to legitimise detention of Ibrahim el-Zakzaky

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Sheikh_ZakzakyIHRC finds it scandalous that instead of upholding the rule of law the Nigerian government is actually subverting it by continuing to hold the Zakzakys in defiance of the release order

PRESS RELEASE - Worldwide: Prayers held worldwide for illegally detained Nigeria Islamic Movement leader

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Nigerian-flagThe Islamic Movement of Nigeria says it is overwhelmed by the tremendous support the sheikh has received from all over the world

PRESS RELEASE - Worldwide: Prayers to be held worldwide for detained Nigerian Islamic Movement leader

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Sheikh-al-ZakzakySupplications will be made at Friday prayers in Sunni and Shia mosques in the UK and countries all over the world

PRESS RELEASE - Abuja, Nigeria: Police open fire at pro-Zakzaky demonstration

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2018-01-10-PHOTO-00000168Photographs from the scene show protestors carrying away the bloodied bodies of the victims

PRESS RELEASE - Abuja, Nigeria: Two wounded, many arrested after police open fire at Free Zakzaky demonstration

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Nigerian-flagAmong the wounded was Mallam Qasimu Umar, the IMN representative for Sokoto state

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC urges Buhari to release IMN leader for urgent medical treatment

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Sheikh-al-ZakzakySheikh Zakzaky is being held illegally by the DSS in flagrant violation of a High Court order ordering his release

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Free Zakzaky protestor killed by police

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Sheikh_Zakzaky_1_cropSecond press release: Police in Kaduna, Nigeria have shot and killed a protestor taking part in a peaceful demonstration demanding justice for the unlawfully detained leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky.

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