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PRESS RELEASE - BAHRAIN: Breaking - Casualties as armed forces storm site of Shia leader's residence

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IMG_7640Security forces fired live rounds and tear gas as they stormed the area causing at least one fatality with several reported wounded

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria (breaking news): Police attack protestors seeking release of IMN leader

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DAbdKr5XkAAf1AKThe protest, by the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, is one of many such demonstrations in recent weeks to have come under attack from the authorities

PRESS RELEASE - UK/Palestine: London mayor urged to resist efforts to ban pro-Palestine rally

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alqudsday2015The annual rally has run as a peaceful family friendly event in London for a number of years

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Zakzaky freedom bid adjourned

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Sheikh-Ibraheem-ZakzakyThe adjournment came as supporters of Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky marked his 66th birthday with a procession in the city of Kaduna

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Demonstrators mark 500 days in detention of IMN leader

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NigeriaProtest2017Although Nigeria's High Court ordered the release of the pair on 2 December 2016 after a period of detention of almost a year the order has yet to be implemented

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC condemns police attack on pro-Zakzaky protestors

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Nigerian-flagPolice used tear gas, water cannon and dogs to disperse the peaceful demonstration in the capital Abuja

PRESS RELEASE - UK: Muslims urged to be vigilant over expected spike in hate crimes

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muslimsilhouettePrecautionary advice includes staying vigilant, not opening suspect packages and reporting suspicious characters and vehicles to the police

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