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1 Author Evening: 'Confessions of a Muslim Journalist' with Roshan M Salih
2 United Nations Side Panel: Human Rights in Yemen
3 Film screening: Generation Revolution and conversation with Usayd Younis and Cassie Quarless
4 A Journey of Love: An Intifada Street Exhibition
5 Children's Workshop & Storytelling: 'Hats of Faith' with Hajera Memon
6 Author evening: 'Sound System: The Political Power of Music' with Dave Randall
7 Vigil for Rohingya
8 Children's Workshop: Islamic Signs in BSL with Amin & Yasmin
9 Hajj 2017 SALE!
10 Author Evening: 'Balfour's Shadow' with David Cronin
11 Author Evening: 'Shy Radicals' with Hamja Ahsan
12 Demo: Stand with Palestine
13 Islamophobia Awards 2017: It's time to nominate!
14 Al Quds Day 2017
15 FUNDathon with IHRC
16 Prophet Isa: A Storytelling Performance for Children by Khayaal Theatre Company
17 Author Evening: 'From Beirut to Jerusalem' with Dr Ang Swee Chai
18 Decolonising the Mind with Ramon Grosfoguel and Sandew Hira
19 An Evening with Sheikh Azmi
20 United Nations Side Panel: Human Rights in Nigeria
21 United Nations Side Panel: Human Rights in Myanmar
22 World Book Day with Elizabeth Lymer and Hajera Memon
23 Documentary Screening and Q&A - Zone of Non-Being: Guantanamo
24 An Evening with Sheikh Azmi
25 Genocide Memorial Day 2017
26 Safeguarding our children from PREVENT
27 Storytelling Session: The House of Ibn Kathir
28 Islamophobia Conference 2016: The Environment of Hate and the Police State
29 Book Launch: Hatem Bazian's 'Palestine... It is something colonial'
30 Islamophobia Conference 2016 - Scotland
31 Documentary screening: Sell-Off - The abolition of your NHS
32 Muslim Heritage Stories
33 Environment of Hate: the New Normal for Muslims in the UK and Europe
34 Islamophobia: The Environment of Hate in the UK - United Nations
35 Human Rights in Nigeria: The case of the Islamic Movement - United Nations
36 Focal Point: Is politics an optional part of the Islamic faith?
37 Screening and Q&A: Insight to Riot
38 Storytelling, arts and crafts with Hajera Memon
39 Al Quds Day 2016
40 Sadaqah and Salaam Storytelling and Rhymes
41 PREVENT, Islamophobia & Civil Liberties national conference
42 Demo: Support Sheikh Zakzaky
43 Book Launch: Illuminating the Blackness: Blacks and African Muslims in Brazil by Habeeb Akande
44 PREVENT: Understanding and Reacting
45 Rhyming Towards Ramadan
46 Counter Terrorism Policies in the UK
47 Human Rights in Nigeria: The 12 December 2015 Zaria Massacre
48 Islamophobia Awards 2016
49 Islamophobia Awards 2016: Vote now! - VOTING IS CLOSED
50 Storytelling Session for Children with Aisha Mohammad
51 Demonstration for Sheikh Nimr - United Nations
52 Genocide Memorial Day 2016
53 Documentary Screenings: Forgotten Genocide
54 NIGERIA: UK - Demonstrations for Zakzaky 27 and 31 December, 10 January
55 PROTEST: UK - Demo for Zakzaky, IM detainees and murdered
56 Islamophobia Conference 2015: The Changing Face of Racism
57 Storytelling Session for Children with Elizabeth Lymer
58 Genocide Memorial Day 2016: Birmingham
59 Is Islamophobia a form of Racism? From the history of Al-Andalus to Fanon's Zone of Being and Non-Being
60 Report Launch: 'Environment of Hate: The New Normal for Muslims in the UK'
61 Author Evening: 'Illuminating the Blackness' with Habeeb Akande
62 Dignity Day
63 Variant Space: 'Invisible Lines' Exhibition
64 Storytelling Session for Children: Ready for Eid!
65 Author Evening: 'Sparks of Fire' with Saida Sherif
66 Documentary screening: Sell-Off
67 Al Quds Day 2015
68 Storytelling Session for Children with Sarah from Safeer TV
69 Preventing Violent Extremism?
70 Storytelling Session for Children: Hajj and Mecca
71 Author Evening: 'Muslim Heritage of Bengal' with Muhammad Mojlum Khan
72 United with Yemen: Resisting Neo-colonial War
73 School Exclusion: Denying Rights, Destroying Lives
74 Decolonizing the Mind: Summer School
75 London - The Truth Hurts with Aamer Rahman
76 Islamophobia Awards 2015
77 Islamophobia Awards 2015: Vote now! - VOTING IS CLOSED
78 The Truth Hurts: Comedy Against Racism with Aamer Rahman
79 Free All Saudi Political Prisoners: International day of protest against Saudi Arabia
80 Author Evening: 'Young Muslims, Pedagogy and Islam' with M.G. Khan
81 Muslim Perspectives on Charlie Hebdo
82 13 Years of Torture: Valentine Day March For Shaker Aamer
83 OOMK: 'Visions of the Future' Exhibition
84 COURSE: Critical Muslim Studies - Decolonial Struggles and Liberation Theologies
85 Genocide Memorial Day 2015
86 What now for Europe? The instrumentalisation of the Paris attacks
87 Genocide Memorial Day 2015: Amsterdam & Brussels
88 'No escape! Policing young people in school and community' - A seminar led by Gus John
89 Free All Saudi Political Prisoners: International day of protest against Saudi Arabia
90 An Evening with Ramon Grosfoguel: Postcolonial or Decolonial?
91 Combattre l’islamophobie: UNE BATAILLE POUR LES DROITS CIVIQUES!
92 Institutional Islamophobia: A conference to examine state racism and social engineering of the Muslim community
93 Autumn 2014 'Know Your Rights' Workshop Series
94 Time To Make Connections: Five Meetings Where Activists Can Meet And Connect With Each Other
95 Book Launch: Conversations In Postcolonial Thought by Katy Sian
96 Creative Agency and Compromise
97 Recalling the Caliphate: Decolonization and World Order
98 Romina Khanom: 'Layers of Paradise' Exhibition
99 Stephen Small and Sandew Hira: UK Tour
100 Book Series Launch: Decolonizing The Mind

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