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Free Al-Zakzaky! campaign 1996 - 1999 Caution: Some of these images are disturbing
Srebrenica Annual Memorial, 2008 Photos courtesy and (c) Assed Baig
Guantanamo Human Rights Commission visits New York and Washington D.C. March 2004
Guantanamo Human Rights Commission visits the Foreign Office 2004
Demonstration: Future of Iraq June 2004
Campaign to Free Sheikh Obaid and Mustafa Dirani IHRC Campaign
Report launch for Anti-Muslim Hostility and Discrimination February 2000
Women and Hijab in Europe IHRC Event at the UN
UJN, October, 2008 Inaugural meeting, Penang, Malaysia.
UJN, March 2009 London, UK
UJN, October, 2009 Cheshunt and London, UK.
UJN, Jakarta, 2010 Regional and International Meeting.
Remembering Imam Abdullah Haron Memorial for Imam killed in detention in apartheid South Africa.
Visiting the work of Mustadafin Foundation IHRC Chair in Cape Town, 2009.
Durban Anti-Racism Conference, 2001 The IHRC team at the World Conference Against Racism.
Launch of British Muslims' Expectations Series House of Lords, London, UK, December 2004
Al-Quds Day 2009, London, UK
Islamophobia Awards 2003 IHRC's First Comedy Fundraiser
Exhibition - Uighurs: Forgotten Muslims of China March 2009.
Protest against French School Hijab Ban January 2004
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