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A list of the massacred activists aboard the Mavi Marmara Turkish cruise ship Mavi Marmara, carrying pro-Palestinian activists and humanitarian aid to Gaza, is part of an interna...
Funeral for Turkish Activists killed in Flotilla Attack Fatih, Istanbul.
Worldwide Protests Against Attack on Flotilla Week ending Sunday 6 June 2010.
Some of the injured from Mavi Marmara 31 May 2010. 
IHRC led Delegation in Turkey, May 2010 Campaigning for Turkey to veto Israel's accession to OECD.
Report Launch and Seminar, 'Anti-siyonizm: Yahudi Perspektifinden' IHRC's report launch in Istanbul, 12 May 2010, co-hosted by NGO Mazlumder.
End the Occupation, Conference, 2005 March 2005
Free Babar Ahmad, Protest, 2005 Protesting outside an extradition hearing with FBA.
Prisoners of Faith, Conference, 2002 A conference bringing together former prisoners campaigned for by IHRC, academics and activists.  Speakers and session ...
The Hidden Victims of 9-11, Seminar, 2002 An IHRC seminar in September 2001 looking at the impact on Muslims of the post 9-11 policy shift.
Human Rights, Justice and Muslims after 9/11 A seminar held by IHRC in October 2001 to discuss the impact of 9-11 on Muslims.
Islamophobia Awards 2004 The second of IHRC's comedy fundraisers, held in 2004. 
Campaign to end ISA, and release Mat Sah and all detainees This ongoing campaign by IHRC and the Abolish ISA Campaign in Malaysia has resulted in the release of 13 detainees in Se...
Al-Aqsa Mosque
Report of the Trial Monitor in the Karzakan and Ma’ameer cases, Bahrain, 2009 IHRC monitored the verdict hearing of 19 young men held on 13th October 2009.
Yemen Atrocities Saudi aerial attacks against the civilians. Caution! the gallery contains disturbing scenes of a graphic nature.
Al-QUDS DAY 2007 London, Sunday 7th October 2007
IHRC Shop Competition. Send us your photos and win prizes
Human Rights and Israel at 60 A look at the conflicting paths of two contemporaneous projects
Police fire on peaceful protest in Zaria, Nigeria Annual Al-Quds Day marred by police violence. Please note that you may find some of the images disturbing! 
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