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Names of those killed at Abu Zabaal

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List of the martyrs killed in the Abu Zaabal massacre.

I am God and to him we return. O Allah, accept the martyrs.

Some of the names of martyrs (Abu Zaabal massacre):

1. Gamal Abdel Rahman Mohamed Abdel Rahim  - Gamal Abdel Nasser St...Peace

2. Hesham Azzam Hafez - Qlliopih

3. Rafiq Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul Ghani - Mahala

4. Reda El Sayed Ahmed El-Sayed - Husniyah Eastern Province

5. Shukri Ibrahim Saad - Project 19  building brick of sandstone first victory 

6. Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Saleh - Mahmudiyah Lake

7. Adel Abdel Shafi Abdel Hafez - Shaban El Sayed Prairie 

8. Waleed El-Sayed Mohammed Al-Najjar - Burj Al Arab

9. Abu Talib Abd Al-Jawad Suleiman - Faqous Eastern Province

10. Mohamed Shehata Ismail - Damanhur

11. Sherif Gamal Mohamed Siam - El-Nasr Al-Qurashi

12. Ahmed Ibrahim Kamel Hamzawy -  Mahala 

13. Mahmoud Abdullah Mohammad Ali - Ibshway Fayoum

14. Faraj El Sayed Farag - Ibshway Fayoum

15. Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim Al Dahshan - Faqous Eastern Province

16. Mamdouh Sayed Abdullah - Grade

17. Safwat Ahmed Abdallah - Kafr El Mansoura Minya

18. Mohamed Hassan El Sayed Ahmed  - Dekernes 

19. Ali Mehany Abu Khader - Dekernes 

20. Hassan Ibrahim Kurdi Mohammed - Eastern Belbais

21. Ahmed Ibrahim Kurdi Mohammed - Eastern Belbais

22. Mustafa Mohamed Abdel Salam Mohammed -  Belbais Eastern Province

23. Tarek Mohamed Hamed - Grade

24. Sayed Barakat Shaban - Fayoum

25. Mansour Abdel Tawab Abbas - Fayoum

26. Ahmed Shaaban Ragab - Fayoum

27. Ahmed Khamis Mohamed - Fayoum

28. Sayed Gomaa Isa - Fayoum

29. Mohamed Ramzi Abdullah Khalil - Imbaba

30. Mohammed Tawfiq Sulaiman - 69 Street Abd El Fattah Ashmawy Al Waily 

31. Ahmed Mohamed Ragab Mandour - Banha

32. Aladdin Hassan Issa - 34 Street Abdel Hady Saidy Matareya 

33. Mehdi Mahmoud Ahdy - Middle Beni Suef

34. Mohamed Abdel Meguid Mahmoud Ibrahim - Kom Hamada

35. Talaat Abdel Azim Ali - Akhmim Sohag

36. Abdel Moneim Mohammed Mustafa - Abu Kabir Eastern

37. Mustafa Mohammed Mustafa  - Abu Kabir Eastern

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