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1 Why We Should Ban Tatbir and Zanjir in Our Centres
2 Watch LIVE: The Eighth Annual International Conference on the Study of Islamophobia
3 Watch LIVE: The Seventh Annual International Conference on the Study of Islamophobia
4 Genocide Memorial Day Poetry Competition 2016
5 Srebrenica – the Result of Religious Bigotry and Fear
6 Whoever the Brussels Museum killer was, Israel can't blame friends of Palestine
7 Watch LIVE: The Fifth Annual Conference on the Study of Islamophobia
8 Bahrain: Intensification of repression as people insist on regime change
9 Names of those killed at Abu Zabaal
10 Eye witness account on Egypt's events
11 Sufi Muslims Feel the Heat of Indonesia’s Rising Intolerance
12 Malaysia: Boycott call of Shias Disturbing
13 MAPIM reminds local Islamic authorities of Amman Message
14 Hadi douses sectarian flame, fears Syrian struggle losing focus
15 Separation: Shiite refugees praying without prayer mats
16 Hadi: Anti-Shia campaign smacks of ignorance of Islamic scholarship
17 Horrific attack on 55-year-old Muslim woman
18 Live broadcast from AlNahda Square, Egypt
19 What do German Muslims think?
20 Watch Critical Discourses on Islamophobia LIVE
21 Follow events from Myanmar
22 Bahrain: Injuries, chemical gases and arrests on 2nd anniversary of Saudi occupation
23 Book Review - The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist: A Personal and Political Journey
24 London Court discharges two Bahraini activists, situation tense
25 Octogenarian Mohamed Idris won’t rest in his quest to ‘transform mindsets’
26 Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal 2012
27 Palestinians in Europe United: Petition in solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli jails
28 Bahrain: Martyrs fall as Khawaja’s plight challenges world morality and ethics
29 Bahrain: Yates, Timoney apparatus tortures a boy
30 London Vigil for Gaza at Israeli Embassy, as Israel massacres Gazans
31 Saudi Arabia – Prison guards physically assault mother and family of political prisoners
32 Nazi and Islamophobic grafitti on the mosque of Villeneuve-sur-Lot
33 Gujarat cops killed Ishrat Jahan in cold blood: SIT
34 The Senate proposes yet another Islamophobic law
35 From Occupation to "Occupy": The Israelification of American Domestic Security
36 The visit to Trandum
37 Arrest and threat of deportation at Norway Palestinian Refugee Camp
38 Prominent activist profiled on SAS Airlines, removed from flight
39 Bahrain: Bissioni acted as a lawyer and was economic with the truth; more martyrs fall
40 Manila must stop the bombings
41 Communitarianism in France is mainly a white communitarianism
42 Palestinian refugees suffering rejection and homelessness in Oslo
43 Occupy Oakland (CA, USA) live
44 Remembering Imam Haron
45 Today Tonight’s false depiction of Muslims exposed
46 Nivea backs down from racist advertising campaign
47 Another World is Desirable
48 Groups protest Muslim prayers at Toronto public school
49 Only one Palestinian minor acquitted out of 835 charged with stone-throwing in past six years
50 War With Iran? US Neocons Aim to Repeat Chalabi-Style Swindle
51 Politics When Innocence is Not Enough: Talha Ahsan and the Rise of the (In)Security State
52 In India and Israel, the burden of protest falls on the victims of injustice
53 Bahraini State Terror Continues
54 The future of Islamophobia: the liberal, the Jew, the animal
55 Acts of sacrilege, rape, torture and murder in Bahrain
56 Geronimo Again? The Indian Wars Continue Ad Nauseam
57 Bahrain 'torture service' official to attend royal wedding
58 Four Points on Syria
59 Activist’s letter smuggled out of Saudi jail reveals gross human rights violations
60 Saudi Arabia Launches First Opposition Party
61 Interview with the Islamic Human Rights Commission
62 Egypt: 3 ways it ends
63 Britain's War on Islam
64 America Has Gone Away
65 Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies and, Along With it, Reason and Justice
66 Floods multiply women`s woes
67 Zionist-apartheid bullying fails at Intifada event at Venezuelan Embassy, London
68 Rabbi Ahron Cohen: Al-Quds Day 2010
69 An Al Quds Day Letter to Tony Blair from Lauren Booth
70 لارن بوت: نامه اي از روز قدس به بلر
71 British Muslims urged to boycott Israeli dates during Ramadan
72 Kashmir: Act before foreign forces land in Srinagar
73 Arizona immigration battle turns bitter
74 CNN Drops Editor After Hezbollah Comments
75 History Made June 20th in San Francisco–Dockworkers Refuse to Cross Picket Line to Unload Israeli Cargo ship in Oakland
76 Israel's accession compromises the OECD's principles
77 Promises in an Israeli prison
78 Plight of the Roma Muslims in Bulgaria
79 Khairat Al-Shater, 10 years in prison, is it not time to set him free?
80 Israel is a 'threat' says Turkey
81 Egyptian security forces arrest and beat peaceful protestors
82 MPs call for review of arms exports after Israeli assault on Gaza
83 Imam’s ghost stalks Arab summit
84 UN rights boss urges Egypt to stop shooting migrants
85 The Problem with Gita
86 Gaza protesters to be sentenced despite allegations of police brutality
87 Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime in London
88 Stop and search powers illegal, European court rules
89 Yemeni HR groups condemn Sa'ada bombings
90 Gaza marchers go on hunger strike
91 German banker rapped over headscarf remark
92 Livni cancels UK trip on arrest fears
93 British court issued Gaza arrest warrant for former Israeli minister Tzipi Livni
94 Muslim woman 'abused' over dress by Christian hotelier
95 Freedom Rider: The Peace Prize War
96 Five killed at south Yemen rally
97 Sexist firm slurred my faith: suit
98 I Refuse to Buy a Poppy
99 United States Shields Israeli War Criminals
100 To Sit and Wait for Death: Remembering Jenin and Operation Defensive Shield in ‘Absent Justice’

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