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Names of those killed at Abu Zabaal

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List of the martyrs killed in the Abu Zaabal massacre.

Eye witness account on Egypt's events

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Below is an eye witness account of the current situation in Egypt.

Sufi Muslims Feel the Heat of Indonesia’s Rising Intolerance

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2013_Indonesia_Al_Mujahadah_dormAndreas Harsono writes for HRW on the persecution of Sufis

Malaysia: Boycott call of Shias Disturbing

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14aug2013drnurboycottphotoWEBCalls to boycott Muslims by other Muslims undermine justice and dignity

MAPIM reminds local Islamic authorities of Amman Message

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Courtesy of Harakah Daily -

An Islamic organisaiton has reminded local religious authorities of the Amman message signed in 2004.

Hadi douses sectarian flame, fears Syrian struggle losing focus

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Courtesy of Harakah Daily -

With the growing Shia-Sunni sectarianism, President Hadi has urged Muslim groups regardless of differences to get together to help resolve the Syrian conflict.

Separation: Shiite refugees praying without prayer mats

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Sampang Shiite refugees segregated from Jamah on Eid, as not considered Muslims.

Hadi: Anti-Shia campaign smacks of ignorance of Islamic scholarship

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Courtesy of Harakah Daily -

The government's Anti-Shia campaign has exposed differences within Islamic tradition. 

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