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We Made a Time Machine… out of British Muslim Election Activism

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Westminster-PalaceArzu Merali looks back on a piece she wrote in 2001 - 'My Lobby Ran Off With Kilroy, or Why Muslims Shouldn't Emulate Zionist Politics'

Riyadh's Yemen adventure exposes wider neo-colonial agenda

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glowSaudi motives for the military campaign against Yemen have little to do with restoring the 'legitimate government' and everything to do with defeating the desire for reform and self-determination, argues Faisal Bodi.

Stand Up To Racism

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Lee_JasperLee Jasper on Trevor Phillips' recent documentary - 'Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True'

Muslim community rejects the State’s criminalisation of Islam and condemns moves to silence legitimate critique and dissent

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elmosqueA joint UK statement in respect to the ongoing demonisation of Muslims in Britain

We, too, have the right to freedom of expression

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jesuisahmedSandew Hira on the Paris attacks and why, just like in football, you don't win the game by only being defensive

The UK Anti-Terrorism Laws: Why Do We Oppose Them?

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policepreventA letter to IHRC supporters regarding the Counter Terrorism Bill

Groundless anti-terror laws must go

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theresamay1Anti-terror powers are about protecting UK foreign policy from dissent, rather than protecting the ­public from violence

Europe Repeats Itself! - The Gangrene of Colonial Racism

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decoloniality_EuropeA statement from Decoloniality Europe on colonial racism and its chauvinistic nationalism. With a link to the full-length version

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Don't be a Silent Victim

silent-victimHave you been verbally abused, harassed, discriminated against or even violently attacked because you are Muslim? Have you been mistreated by the police or security services or a victim of anti-terror laws? Click here to report your incident to us in confidence and, if you wish, anonymously.