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Event Report: Storytelling Session: The Story of the Elephant

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The-Story-of-the-Elephant-Surah-Al-FeelIHRC hosted a great afternoon for children with Hajera Memon

Event Report: Al Quds Day 2014

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eventreportA report from Al Quds Day on Friday 25 July 2014, London, UK

Event Report: Sara Russell's 'Another Day' Exhibition Launch

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anotherdaylaunch2'Another Day' runs from 19 June 2014 until 30 September 2014

Event Report: Storytelling Session: Ilyas and the Duck search for Allah

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eventreportilyasduckIHRC hosted a great afternoon for children with Zainah Zahra

Event Report: Islamophobia Awards 2014

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2014IAwebIslamophobia Awards 2014: Back with a Bang

Ramón Grosfoguel: Decolonising Postcolonial Studies and the Paradigms of Political-Economy

  • PDF

13dec10grosfoguel01Watch and listen to the articulation of the decolonial narrative

Event Report: Mark Gonzales: Poetic Secrets to Surviving the Idiots

  • PDF


Mark Gonzales shares his philosophical reflections based around his concept of ‘waging beauty’

Event Report: Story Telling Session: Che Guevara The Kind Traveller

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A successful storytelling session at the IHRC Bookshop, on Saturday 19 October, the IHRC Bookshop hosted “Che Guevara, The Kind Traveller”, told by the author Zainab Zahra with brilliant illustrations by Iffath Zahra.

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