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1 Islamic Commission seeks AU intervention in Zakzaky's case
2 Yemen cholera crisis direct result of Saudi blockade
3 Trump's Foreign Policy: An Empire in Decline
4 A Falling Out Among Thieves: Why is Saudi Monarchy Attacking Qatar?
5 Intelligence Report Declares Biafra Agitators, IMN, Boko Haram Threats to National Security
6 International Human Rights Conference wraps up in Tehran
7 UK 'Deradicalization' Program Shrouded in Secrecy
8 Rise of fascism on back of Islamophobia worrying
9 Hate crimes expected to rise once talks start
10 Rohingya Muslim villages torched in Myanmar
11 Nigeria issues arrest warrant for Islamic movement’s spokesman
12 Britain's New Prime Minister Has a Huge Islamophobia Problem
13 UK Muslims alarmed by May’s appointment as new Prime Minister
14 Judiciary in Bahrain extension of royal family
15 As a British Muslim, I'm terrified that Theresa May - winner of 2015's Islamophobe of the Year - is my new Prime Minister
16 Pro-Palestinian Activists March Through London to Mark al-Quds Day
17 London pro-Palestine demo sees thousands take to the streets
18 London Protesters Demand Justice For Zaria Massacre Victims During Buhari Visit
19 UK Prevent strategy 'promoting extremism', UN warns
20 World needs to protect Rohingya Muslims
21 Nigeria: Appeal for Zaria Clashes to be Investigated at The Hague
22 Myanmar Rohingya Muslims abandoned to own fate
23 Muslim groups condemn Tories’ counter-extremism strategy
24 Religious Groups Respond to UK Govt's 'Incoherent' Counter-Terror Plans
25 Saudi policies aligned with UK colonialism
26 Keyword warning software in schools raises red flag
27 Saudi Arabia hiding real crush death toll
28 Saudi Arabia unlikely to cooperate over crush
29 Hajj management must be taken from Saudi Arabia
30 Saudis not capable of managing Hajj
31 UK extends surveillance operations in Iraq, Syria
32 Former Lord Mayor found guilty of abusing Muslim Stop the War volunteer and claiming he could be a terrorist
33 MI5 spied on Doris Lessing For Decades
34 Supporting Daesh to be counterproductive
35 What does Iran's nuclear deal mean for Palestine?
36 British govt. under fire for ‘exaggerating’ migrant crisis in Calais
37 Gender inequality in the UK
38 Mixed Muslim reaction to David Cameron's anti-radicalisation campaign
39 Massoud Shadjareh: Islamophobia dates back to before 9/11
40 Hundreds mark International Quds Day in UK capital
41 BBC bias, ‘heinous’ US support for Israel attacked in Gaza War anniversary protest
42 UK police “complicit” in radicalizing those joining ISIL
43 Cameron warns of 'quietly condoning' IS ideology
44 The New Prevent: Birkbeck and the Future of Universities
45 Islamophobia In UK: Muslim Leaders Allege Government Contributes To Anti-Muslim Sentiment
46 UK Muslim Organizations Accuse Government of Islamophobia
47 Far-right rally in UK protests plan for mosque construction
48 Islamophobia Laid Bare By Name Ploy
49 Are You An Extremist? Take This Test Meant For Primary School Pupils
50 NGOs demand UN action on Yemen crisis
51 Saudi Arabia prepares to hang opposition Shia cleric amid large protests
52 Debate: Saudi war on Yemen
53 Yemen Crisis: Who Is Right?
54 Turkey arrests Britons trying to illegally cross into Syria
55 Muslim American Actor Opens Up About The Roles He Won't Play And What's Missing In Hollywood
56 Theresa May to ban radical preachers and organisations from schools
57 May calls on Muslims to respect UK values
58 Islamophobia leads to neo-Nazism
59 Demands for racism to be criminalised
60 A Phobia of What?!
61 The Scottish Example: How to Tackle Extremism and Islamic Segregation
62 Genocide Memorial Day - 2015
63 Genocides: not a matter of the past
64 West fueling Islamophobia
65 More insult, injury in remarks by France’s president
66 Islamic Human Rights Commission cuts ties with ‘Orwellian’ British govt
67 France attacks and UK push for spying powers
68 Shia, Sunni Meeting in Malaysia Discuss 'World Muslim Unity'
69 ‘French govt is trying to make a big deal over recent attacks’
70 Britons protest in London demanding release of Saudi cleric Sheikh al-Nimr
71 Debate: Western Media Hypocrisy
72 ‘13,000 victims of slavery in UK’
73 Nigerian government should do more to contain violence: Analyst
74 Research: UK Muslims face worst job discrimination
75 British Muslims raise concern over new anti-terror law
76 New anti-terror measures revealed
77 Ban On Returning British Jihadis Criticised
78 New anti-terror proposals criticized in UK
79 Concerns Raised Over Terror Bill Which Requires Universities To Ban Extremist Speakers
80 Concerns over anti-terror reforms
81 New anti-terror measures revealed
82 Muslim world must tackle Takfiri terror: Analyst
83 Jihadi law brings us closer to a police state
84 UK anti-terror moves demonize Muslims
85 UK to stop UK militants returning
86 'Police state' fears over new UK anti-terror powers
87 UK Anti-terror Laws Stir Muslim Ire
88 Legal challenge mounted against UK anti-terror law
89 Kuwait Offers Stateless Arabs Citizenship in African Country 3,000 Miles Away
90 Kuwait offers Bidoon Comoros citizenship
91 Israel’s survival depends on wars: Analyst
92 Sheikh Zakzaky Alleges Soldiers Planning to Attack Ashura Procession
93 Shocking Details Of How Nigerian Soldiers Shot, Tortured El-Zakzaky’s Sons, Followers To Death
94 Zaria’s military involvement in the massacres
95 Saudi Shiite cleric sentenced to death for 'sedition'
96 NHRC To Hold Public Hearing On Zaria Quds Day Killings
97 World silent on human rights abuses in KSA: Analyst
98 Issue of Islamophobia highlighted at 27th Human Rights Council
99 Analyzing Islamophobia in Canada
100 El-Zakyzaky Appears Before UN Rights Commission

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