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Lifting veil on freedom of choice

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photo: niqab.de

Arzu Merali, the London-based head of research at the Islamic Human Rights Commission, recalls how the "string-issue" saw concerned French government figures.

Gaza protesters to be sentenced despite allegations of police brutality

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It is a legal maxim in this country that justice must not only be done but it must also be seen to be done.

Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime in London

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A new centre for research into anti-Muslim hate crime has published its first report.

Far-Right supporters confront pro-Palestinian marchers in London

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Hundreds of people on a pro-Palestinian rally in London were met by a group of far-Right protesters holding Union Jacks as police held the two sides apart.

Right-wing protesters fail to disrupt pro-Palestinian march

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Right-wing protesters failed in their attempts to disrupt a pro-Palestinian march in central London on Sunday.

Anti-Islamists target Palestinian rally in central London

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Fury as Muslim meeting is switched to Pall Mall while right-wingers protest in Trafalgar Square

Right-wing groups plan to confront pro-Palestinian march in London

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Police on alert ahead of Al-Quds Day rally after organisation tells its supporters to 'let them know they aren't welcome'

Protests at proPalestinian rally

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A pro-Palestinian demonstration met with verbal protests from a small band of far-right extremists.

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