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Saudi policies aligned with UK colonialism

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presstvcameronArzu Merali on the UK's top contracts with Saudi Arabia

Keyword warning software in schools raises red flag

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davidcameron1Education Pro enables teachers to monitor students' online activity and sends "violation" alerts over trigger terms

Saudi Arabia hiding real crush death toll

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massoudpresstvoc1Discussing Saudis’ mismanagement of the Hajj pilgrimage

Saudi Arabia unlikely to cooperate over crush

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massoudpresstvoctHassan Rouhani says the formation of a fact-finding committee over the recent crush in Mina is a necessity 

Hajj management must be taken from Saudi Arabia

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massoudpresstvseptSaudi want to be in charge, but they don't want to take any responsibility

Saudis not capable of managing Hajj

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razapresstv2IHRC says Saudi Arabia is obviously not “capable” of managing the annual Hajj pilgrimage

UK extends surveillance operations in Iraq, Syria

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surveillanceThe UK has extended the use of surveillance aircraft in Iraq and Syria until next year

Former Lord Mayor found guilty of abusing Muslim Stop the War volunteer and claiming he could be a terrorist

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mhackettMark Hackett emailed the unnamed man - who had invited him to speak at a Gaza-related event - a bizarre tirade of abuse last summer

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