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Muslim groups condemn Tories’ counter-extremism strategy

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arzupresstvoctBritish Muslims have condemned the Tory government's new strategy to counter extremism in the country

Religious Groups Respond to UK Govt's 'Incoherent' Counter-Terror Plans

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theresamay3Christian and Muslim groups have hit out at the British government's revised strategy to tackle Islamic extremism in the UK

Saudi policies aligned with UK colonialism

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presstvcameronArzu Merali on the UK's top contracts with Saudi Arabia

Keyword warning software in schools raises red flag

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davidcameron1Education Pro enables teachers to monitor students' online activity and sends "violation" alerts over trigger terms

Saudi Arabia hiding real crush death toll

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massoudpresstvoc1Discussing Saudis’ mismanagement of the Hajj pilgrimage

Saudi Arabia unlikely to cooperate over crush

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massoudpresstvoctHassan Rouhani says the formation of a fact-finding committee over the recent crush in Mina is a necessity 

Hajj management must be taken from Saudi Arabia

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massoudpresstvseptSaudi want to be in charge, but they don't want to take any responsibility

Saudis not capable of managing Hajj

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razapresstv2IHRC says Saudi Arabia is obviously not “capable” of managing the annual Hajj pilgrimage

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