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Islamophobia in Papua New Guinea

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This paper is an analysis of the briefing document representing "the combined voice of the leaders and Pastors of major Christian denominations in PNG”, produced by them at the request of Papua New Guinea's Minister for Youth, Religion a

Palestine Briefing for MPs, Part 1

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The current crisis in Palestine has often been characterised as one of parity between parties. The impression has been given that the violence "between Palestinians and Israelis” has been mutual. However, independent international observers h

Briefing for Commonwealth Ministers: Human Rights & Religious Minorities in Papua New Guinea

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Home Affairs Minister of PNG, Andrew Kumbakor has stated that his ministry is in the process of drafting legislation 'to apply control measures' to non-Christian religions. Whilst the main target of such legislation is Islam, such legislation … [MISSING TEXT]

Briefing: 'The Siege'

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The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned that yet another Hollywood movie depicting (practising) Muslims as terrorists is to be released in Britain this week.

A briefing on the human rights situation in Nigeria as of October 1998, for Commonwealth Foreign Ministers

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The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned about the continuing human rights abuses in Nigeria under the leadership of General Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Representations of Islam & Muslims: A Guide for the Media: Algeria

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Backgrounder briefing on Algeria.

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