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IHRC's annual newsletter is now available for download and in hard copy format for physical distribution. Each newsletter comes with donation forms and we'd be so appreciative if you would please consider donating even a small regular amount to us on a monthly basis. IHRC works to raise awareness about human rights and to ensure that existing human rights laws are being properly enforced. Therefore whatever contribution you can make is most highly valued. Please take the time to fill in a form and return it to us at Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust PO Box 598, Wembley, HA9 7XH, United Kingdom.

This year we lead with commentary on the lack of unity between Muslims today. Touching on the global ummah's inability to recognise Western machinations and the general disillusionment when it comes to the Arab Spring, it is made clear why it is important (now more than ever) that we band together.

Pick up a copy and remind yourself of the past year's events and activities. The beginning of 2014 saw IHRC hold Genocide Memorial Day and host the Islamophobia Awards after a long respite. There have been exhibition launches and author evenings, book publications and United Nations visits. We offer free advice surgeries, Know Your Rights workshops and this year, launched a new legal department too. 

Equally important has been our efforts in terms of advocacy and campaigning. Our briefings on the Immigration Bill 2013-14 as well as the amendments to Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 were sent to MPs and Lords and in this year's newsletter we make special mention of our campaigning in relation to Bangladesh, Bulgaria and the UK.

Finally, of course, the newsletter aims also to say something about the IHRC itself, its ethos, its objectives and its priorities.  This is reflected in the message from the Chair, Massoud Shadjareh, and on how people can help the IHRC as volunteers, interns, or by supporting our work in other ways, such as fundraising.

Please help us distribute the newsletter this year... for free copies for your family, friends and local mosque or Islamic centre, call the IHRC office on 0208 904 4222 or email: info@ihrc.org.

And please also email links to this page to your contacts, and distribute through email lists, Facebook, etc.

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