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1 American Exceptionalism, Eurocentrism and Otherisation of Muslims
2 Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives Conference Proceedings
3 On the Sociology of Islam
4 The Life and Marriage of Fatimah al-Zahrah
5 Feminismos Islámicos
6 Investigating the attack against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria on 12-13 December 2015 in Zaria
7 Questions to the Charity Commission...
8 Environment of Hate: The New Normal for Muslims in the UK
9 Stripping Of Nationality As A Weapon Of Political Suppression: The Cases Of Bahrain, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait
10 Nigeria Report: The Zaria Massacres And The Role Of The Military
11 Only Canadian: The Experience of Hate Moderated Differential Citizenship for Muslims
12 Attitudes toward Conflicts and Resolutions
13 IHRC Response to Tackling Extremism in the UK, a government report
15 The Prisoners’ Diaries: Palestinian Voices from the Israeli Gulag
16 Once Upon a Hatred: Anti-Muslim Experiences in the USA
18 Bibliographical Discourse Analysis: The Western Academic Perspective on Islam, Muslims and Islamic Countries (1949 – 2009) Volumes 1 - 4
19 France and the Hated Society: Muslim Experiences
20 Pour La Liberté: Rapport sur le port du foulard et L’interdiction des symboles religieux dans les écoles est désormais disponible en Français.
21 Report on Fact-Finding Mission in Egypt
22 Getting the Message: The Recurrence of Hate Crimes in the UK
23 Reflections on Chinese Policy in Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region
24 The Universal Theology of Liberation: Views from Muslim history
25 The Quest for Unity and other selected works
26 IHRC Annual Report 2009-2010
27 BROKEN PROMISES: Human Rights, Constitutionalism and Socio-economic Exclusion in Bahrain
28 Report of the Trial Monitor in the Ma’ameer and Adary Park Cases, Bahrain, 2010
29 GERMANY, MUSLIMS, CIVIL SOCIETY AND CITIZENSHIP: Expectations and experiences of Muslim organisations
30 Yahudi Perspektifinden: Anti-Siyonizm
31 Countering Terror or Counter-Productive? Comparing Irish and Muslim Experiences of Counter-insurgency Law and Policy
32 Dual Citizenship: British, Islamic or Both? — Obligation, Recognition, Respect and Belonging
33 Policing, Protest and Conflict: Report Into the Policing of the London Gaza Demonstrations in 08-09
34 Europe's Shame: Anti-Muslim Hatred and the Roma of Bulgaria
35 Report of the Trial Monitor in the Karzakan and Ma’ameer cases, Bahrain, 2009
36 Turkey's Failure to Implement its Responsibilities Towards Headscarved Women
37 Aftermath: Gaza in the Days After the 22 Day War
38 Towards a New Liberation Theology: Reflections on Palestine
39 For Liberty?
40 Muslim Profiling
41 Islamic Human Rights Commission Annual Report 2007
42 BELGIUM: Concerns Regarding the Violation of CEDAW by the Banning of the Islamic Headscarf and other forms of discrimination against Muslim women
43 Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives
44 FRANCE: Concerns Regarding the Violation of CEDAW by the Banning of the Islamic Headscarf and other religious symbols in schools
45 'The British Media and Muslim Representation: The Ideology of Demonisation'
46 'Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives' - Conference Audio and Papers On-line
47 The 7/7 Backlash: How and Why You Must Report Hate Crimes
48 Law and British Muslims: Domination of the Majority or Process of Balance
49 Hijab, Meaning, Identity, Otherization and Politics: British Muslim Women
50 Who Will Guard the Guardians?
51 Myanmar's Muslims: The Oppressed of the Oppressed
52 IHRC Newsletter 2005
53 The Citizens' Jury, Reading: Discussing 'Respect'
54 Nominate Muslim Contributors to Muslim Society for a Publication
55 Towards a New Liberation Theology: Reflections on Palestine
56 Secular or Islamic? What Schools do British Muslims Want for their Children?
57 A Brief Introduction to the Malay Kingdom of Patani
58 Social Discrimination: Across the Muslim Divide
59 Hijab & Democracy
60 Terror in the Name of Anti-terrorism
61 Dual Citizenship: British, Islamic or Both? — Obligation, Recognition, Respect and Belonging (VOL 1 Summary)
62 IHRC Annual Newsletter 2004 - 2005
63 Submission to the Home Office in response to Discussion Paper, "Counter-terrorism powers: Reconciling Security and Liberty in an Open Society
64 Bringing Israel to Account: The Role of International Law
65 IHRC and IIWO's Letter to Jacques Chirac Regarding the Hijab Ban in France
66 IHRC Newsletter October 2003 / Ramadan 1424
67 To Liberate or Not to Liberate? Islam, Universalism & Human Rights
68 Fundamental Human Rights in Islamic Sharia
69 The Religion of Human Rights
70 Globalisations, Ideological Democracy and Islamophobia
71 Globalisations, Ideological Democracy and Islamophobia
72 The Annual Islamophobia Awards 2003
73 Democracy in Question - the Persecution of the Believers
74 The Legal Case Against Ariel Sharon
75 Photo and Audio Report on Al-Quds Day 2002, London, UK - available on-line
76 Gujarat: Ongoing Genocide
78 IHRC Event: Student Conference on Campaigning for Human Rights
79 Human Rights Violations in Nigeria: April 1997 - September 1998 (Addendum)
80 Addendum Report on Human Rights Violations in Mauritius
81 Muslim Profiling
82 9/11: The Hidden Victims - Conference Audio
83 A Report to the IHRC on Detentions under the Anti-terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001
84 The Hidden Victims of September 11: The Backlash Against Muslims in the UK
85 The Hidden Victims of September 11: Prisoners of UK Law
86 Islamophobia - The New Crusade
87 Internment, Military Tribunals and Persecution in the West
88 Bosnia: Revisiting Genocide
89 Shades of Injustice: Travails of Muslim Activists in Nigeria
90 Prisoners of Conscience and the Terror of Anti-Terrorism
91 9/11: Coping with the Anti-Muslim Backlash in the UK
92 9/11: International and Islamic Concepts of Justice
93 9/11: The Western Media's Contribution to the War Effort
94 9/11: The Targeting of Muslim Women
95 UK Today: The Anti-Muslim Backlash in the Wake of September 11, 2001
96 Islamophobia and Gender Discrimination: The Case of the Media
97 The Race Against Racism
98 Politics or Justice? Differentiating Between the Nuremberg Trials and ICTY
99 Legislating Against Terror or Breaking Dissent? National Anti-Terrorism Laws 1998 - 2001
100 Judaism - An Alternative to Zionism

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